Community Roles
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There are four levels of access to this Community: the Community Leader, Coordinators, Members, and the Public.

Community Leaders have all the administrative privileges and full access to everything in the Community. They can appoint other Members as Coordinators, with limited administrative privileges to assist with organizing their Community. Once the Community Leader creates the Community, she/he can designate other Members for the Leader role, and may step down to be a Coordinator or simply a Member.

Coordinators are those Members who have been granted various administrative privileges for the Community web site. Every Coordinator has the following set of privileges:
  • displayed as a Coordinator in the ‘Help Team’ Section on most Community pages
  • listed as a recipient in the drop-down menu of the Contact Your Community Help Team page
  • may be assigned as an Activity Coordinator for specific Activities
  • ability to view reports and Member information

In addition to these default privileges, Coordinators may also be granted any combination of the following privileges:
  • Manage (Add/Modify/Delete) Members
  • Manage Activities & Tasksi on the Help Calendar (Create/Edit Activities, Assign volunteers)
  • Manage Community Sectionsi (Create custom Sections, set Permissions)
  • Manage Messages & Announcements
NOTE: Even if Coordinators are granted all possible administrative privileges, there are still two areas that are ONLY available to Community Leaders under the Administrative tab:
  • Make changes to your Community name, description, and settings
  • Choose which Coordinators receive various Community emails (such as Requests to join the Community and Member Profile updates)
Members are those people participating in your Community web site. All Members have been invited into your Community – or approved – by a Leader or Coordinator, and each Member has his/her own personal password. Only Members can sign up to volunteer for a task or post to or comment on Message Board, Photo Gallery, Well Wishes, or other Community Sectionsi.

The Public includes anyone else with access to the internet. Privacy is one of the key values at Lotsa Helping Hands, and all Communities start with the default setting that only Members who have been invited or approved by Community Leaders or Coordinators have access to the Community web site. Leaders and designated Coordinators may choose to make certain Community Sections, or Activities on the Help Calendar, viewable by people outside the Community. In no case may the Public sign up for Activities or post a message or comment to a Community Section.

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topicsi, or contact a Coordinatori (listed on the right side of your Home Page).

While we continue to add to our Help Section please do not hesitate to be in touch if you need any assistance. You can always reach us at We’re here to help!