Manage Groups
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The Groups feature allows Leaders and designated Coordinators to organize Members into logical Groups, simplifying the way Permissions are assgned and emails are sent.

Creating Groups: To Add a New Group, go to the Administration Tab and click on Add a Group in the left-hand column. Fill in the Group Name and Group Description, then click on the check box for each Member you wish to place in this Group. Note: a Member can be in more than one Group. Click on Save Changes when finished.

Adding or Removing Members from a Group: To add or remove a Member from a Group, either click on Manage Groups under the Administration Tab, or, alternatively, from the People Tab click on the Member's name, then click on Roles and Groups on the left-hand My Lotsa Profile menu. From this page you will see the Groups to which this Member belongs and you can either click on an empty check box next to a Group name to add the Member to that Group, or uncheck the box next to the name of the Group from which the Member is to be removed.

Using Groups when assigning Permissions: When assigning Permissions for any Community Section or Activity, there might be instances when Members of a particular Group will have a different set of Permissions than other Members in the Community. On the Activity Permissions or Section Permissions page, there are three categories for designating Permissions: by Member Type (Role), Groups, and Individual People. To set Permissions for a specific Group, select that Group from the drop-down menu under Permissions for Community Groups, then check the boxes under the specific Permssions you wish to add to Members of that Group. If you leave a box unchecked under a specific Permssion, Members of that Group will be denyed that Permission - even if they were granted that Permission based on their Member Type (Role). If more than one Group is assigned Permissions, and a Member is in more than one of those Groups, any conflict in Permissions for that Member is determined as follows: Permissions for each Group in the list override any Permissions granted in any Groups listed above it. To remove any special Permissions for a Group, simply click the 'X' in the list. For more information on how Permissions work, please refer to Groups and Permissionsi.

Using Groups when sending Emails: To send an email to Members of specific Groups, click on Administration Tab, then click on the Email your Community link under the Community column on the right-hand side of the page. Click on the Groups in this Community button and then check the Group or Groups to select the Members you wish to receive the email.

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topicsi, or contact a Coordinatori (listed on the right side of your Home Page).

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