Community Announcements
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The Announcements Section is a convenient place where Leaders and designated Coordinators can share messages with the Community. You'll find the Announcements Section in the sub-menu at the top of your Community. The number of new posts since you last viewed the Announcements page will be shown next to this button.

When Leaders or Coordinators create new announcements, they may also choose to send an email copy of the announcement to all Members in the Community. (To send email messages to selected Members only, Leaders and Coordinators can use the Emaili facility found in the Administration tab.)

A yellow flashbolt next to an Announcement indicates that you are viewing that announcement for the first time. While only Leaders and designated Coordinators may post Announcements, other Community Sectionsi, such as the Message Board or other custom Sections created by Leaders or designated Coordinators, could be used to allow all Members to post messages and reply to other messages.

Tip for Leaders and designated Coordinators: If you edit an Announcement that was already posted, the edited message won't be counted as a new announcement for those members who have already viewed it. If you want everyone to see the Announcement as new, delete the existing message and create a new one with your changes. (Leaders and designated Coordinators can delete and edit Announcements in the ‘Manage Sections, Announcements, and Emails’ link through the Administration tab, and then click Expand below the Announcements button.)

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topicsi, or contact a Coordinatori (listed on the right side of your Home Page).

While we continue to add to our Help Section please do not hesitate to be in touch if you need any assistance. You can always reach us at We’re here to help!