Getting Started (for Members)
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Welcome! This Community web site is designed to organize daily life during times of medical crisis or caregiver exhaustion. In the Help Calendar, you’ll find a list of activities that require help, and we've made it easy for you to browse opportunities to lend a hand, sign up for posted needs, and get reminders via email as the date approaches.

The Help Calendar is accessible from your Community’s Home Page, which is always available by clicking on the Home tab, or you can see a larger more detailed view from the Help Calendar tab. Use these pages to review where help is needed and to sign up to provide support.

When you sign up to help with an Activity, you'll get a confirmation email, as well as reminder emails one month, one week, and one day prior to your commitment

The top of your Community web site contains a sub-menu of links to different Community Sections. Every Community automatically includes Sections for Announcements, a Photo Gallery, special Resources, a Message Board, and a place to send Well Wishes. Coordinators can also create any number of additional Community Sections to address any other needs specific to your Community.

You might want to review your member profile information for accuracy. To do so, click on the Me tab.

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topicsi, or contact a Coordinatori (listed on the right side of your Home Page).

While we continue to add to our Help Section please do not hesitate to be in touch if you need any assistance. You can always reach us at We’re here to help!