Adding Members to your Community
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Lotsa Helping Hands Community web sites are set up to ensure that they are only accessible to those who have requested to join or been added; only Leaders or designated Coordinators can approve new Members to a Community.

As a Community Leader or Coordinator with administrative privileges, there are two ways to add Members to your Community:
  1. Add one or more Members by clicking on the "Add Members to the Community" button in the People tab. After adding Members, you’ll “Notify” the Members to invite them to set a password, sign in, and start helping your Community.

  2. The best way to get a large group into the Community without having to add each person’s name and email address individually is to create a bulk email message from your own system and address it to all those that you want to invite. In that email, explain what the Community is all about and direct them to go to your Community web address:

    Instruct the people you've invited to use the ‘Join this Community’ link to fill out the form which is a Request to Join the Community. Once they've done this, you will receive emails stating that there are ‘Pending Members’. Leaders and designated Coordinators can approve the pending Members through their Administration tab. Once you have approved them, Members will be automatically notified and provided instructions for signing in to the Community.

See also: Getting Started (for Leaders & Coordinators)i

For more help, look for help links with a yellow dot , see the complete list of Help Topicsi, or contact a Coordinatori (listed on the right side of your Home Page).

While we continue to add to our Help Section please do not hesitate to be in touch if you need any assistance. You can always reach us at We’re here to help!