What Members are Saying – Easily Schedule Tasks and Find Volunteer Opportunities

Lotsa Helping Hands has a rapidly growing network of over one million caregivers and volunteers. How easy is it for caregivers to schedule tasks and for people in the community to find volunteering opportunities on Lotsa Helping Hands? Our members say it best.

“Just wanted to acknowledge you for this immensely wonderful service. It's amazing to think of all the people helped by this web site. I'm especially grateful for how our family in Denver was helped, and I believe that my son-in-law's healing was greatly assisted by how easy it was to coordinate those who wanted to help. Thank you so very much!”

–Connie, Columbia, MO

“Thank you for this wonderful site. My six siblings and I are using it to coordinate and communicate care for our elderly mother in New York state. We are scattered across the East Coast and Midwest. This site enables us to schedule tasks and keep everyone informed without having to exchange endless phone calls and emails.”

–Debra, Massachusetts

“Do you currently accept donations for Lotsa Helping Hands? I have been using your site since December of 2007 and was interested in making a modest donation of $25. Can I mail a contribution to help support the work that you do through LHH? I would enjoy speaking with you, but ALS is claiming my voice and so speaking on the phone is difficult. Have a great day!”

–Ann, Minnesota

“I don't know who you guys are but this web site has been invaluable in assisting my friend in getting meals and help with her kids. We have 35 people signed on and it has gone so smoothly thanks to your wonderful site. Thank you for setting it up. It is genius.”

–Annie, San Diego, CA

“Let me first say that I think this website is wonderful. The help Lily received during Scott's fight with cancer was unmatched and could not have been done without this web site's help.”

–Chris, North Carolina

“This is a wonderful program that I stumbled upon when searching for the address to the hospital to send a thank you note. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks and delivered twins who were in NICU for 4.5 months. Although people asked what they could do, there was no coordinated effort, so driving me to the hospital post-surgery fell to my parents exclusively; preparing food fell to no one, so drive-thru food became a necessity for us. We were very fortunate for all the care that our family received, but this service would have made things a great deal easier.”

–Donna, Boston, MA

“What a great idea you have created here! I was trying to figure out how I was going to manage this whole thing and take care of my life and family of 6. Thank you!!!!”

–Karol, San Jose, CA

“Lotsa Helping Hands is one of the best things I have found. I heard of it from a friend of the family. When my brother, who is only 21, had a spinal stroke that left him quadriplegic, I needed a way of getting in touch with hundreds of his friends who all wanted constant information regarding his status but didn't want to bother my family with phone calls. This website was a savior and it really helped people get involved with my brother's situation.

Your web site has helped our family in so many ways! People keep telling me how they wait for our entry every day to see how he is. It is just a great way to communicate. Also, the calendar and ability to get everyone's phone numbers is a great asset. Thank you for all your work!”

–Danielle, New Jersey

“This website has truly been a lifesaver to me and my family! It is very easy to use and easy for volunteers to sign up. Thank you for providing this wonderful service! We wouldn't be able to get through our situation without all of the help from our friends & family.”

–Mollie, Cincinnati, OH

“The service that you provide is incredible for those in crisis and I will surely recommend it to anyone I know that may need it. We've gotten through my husband's stem cell transplant (relapse of leukemia) triumphantly especially because we've been helped by so many people around us.”

–Michelle, New Brunswick, NJ

“Your website is outstanding. Easy to use, intuitive, well thought out. It's the answer to one of our first practical questions in this crisis: "How can we manage all the offers of help?" From our hearts, thank you. We're grateful for a tool that's so useful in a really tough time of need.”

–Jeffrey, Vermont

“This is such a wonderful website and service to help those wishing to help others! Thank you so much.... is there an organization we can donate to?”

–Becky, Pennsylvania

“This is a wonderful web site. Very user friendly, easy to navigate, and a wonderful way to organize a lot of people doing a lot of tasks. Thank you for setting this up!!”

–Barbara, Lynchburg, VA

“This has been a wonderful help to our community. You have started something that is truly a gift at a time when people are focused on other matters, but need help and stability with the basics. Thank you for providing excellent tech support as well as a caring place for us to help our friends and family!”

–Kiyo, California

“Do you accept donations? If so, please provide the information on how to make a contribution. The web site I created has been tremendously helpful in coordinating tasks and keeping people around the world connected - I'd like to help support the wonderful service you provide.”

–Renee, Virginia

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